I am a UX Designer, Entrepreneur, Author, and Product Manager living in the USA.

Digital electronics and abstract graphics has always been a keen interest of mine since early childhood. Breaking things apart and putting them back together again came natural to me which led to the completion of a BS in Computer Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Why Graphic Design?

In the beginning, Photoshop was a tool used for funny mashup pictures and simple text graphics. As time rolled on, the projects became more sophisticated in detail, visuals became more intricate, and branding guidelines became the daily habit for innovative design techniques.

Aesthetics is an art form that creates the visual representation of any product/service. Given the right typography, color theme, product placement, and other design elements is what amplifies your product to success.

Product Management

Always keeping focus on a company's vision will best fit when integrating any strategy for product development and providing digital diagrams to solve problems collectively as a team.

Here is a rough framework outlining the development process:

Step 1 - Requirements Gathering

                  What is the objective?

Step 2 - Framework

                  Defining project content

Step 3 - Create

                  User stories, User flow,

                  Wireframes, Site Maps,

                  Sketch Diagrams.

Step 4 - Supervision

Step 5 - Completion



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