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Stealth and Entrepreneurship

December 7, 2017


In the midst of all the crowds’ noise, nearly every one of us tries to stand out and make a difference. Whether it’s directly or indirectly, breaking the status quo becomes life’s ultimate challenge for attaining success. Now why is that? Instinctively, the goal is to outperform, outsmart the competition. That’s how a winner’s mentality is set. Therefore to win at all cost, usually entails late nights, extensive hours of studying on your craft, and above all the necessary discipline of “fear is self-created and can be destroyed by your very hands.”


"...fear is self-created and can be destroyed by your very hands."



Living up to everyone else’s expectations is meaningful if you choose to live a normal life. A life set forth for you by the outdated school system of today, 2017.


Do you honestly believe the world “demands” change?


Do you honestly believe people want to see you succeed above them?


Do you honestly believe change is even possible if we all continue to follow the same historical pattern of going to public/private school, university/college (if you can even afford it), find a corporate job (job security), save income (good luck with all your human expenses), and eventually retire?


The simple answer is NO.


The reason why I chose to use the words Stealth and Entrepreneurship together is because that is how we sometimes have to act (in Stealth) in order to push the envelope. Anytime a man or woman tries to fight against normality with change or thinking different, we get told time and time again that its either not possible or not worth taking the risk. That is why the phrase, “be comfortable being uncomfortable” is so important in today’s society. So instead of worrying about what the negative opinions are telling you, act alone think alone, to ultimately make your own decisions on how to run your life. Think freely and independently away from the “keyboard rangers” who say different.


"...act alone think alone, to ultimately make your own decisions on how to run your life."


It is hard enough to start your own business and have it flourish but when you add negative opinions, cheaters who steal ideas, and partners who turn on you, it makes entrepreneurship all the more difficult. Be self-sufficient, self-reliant because if you bet on yourself you can genuinely guarantee a positive outcome. Whether the outcome is a booming company earning a six figure income or simply having completed your idea from conception to reality; the most satisfying feeling is ignoring the critics who disbelieve in your success and accomplishing your life goals set by yourself.


Unequal as the playing field may be, acting in stealth (alone or a very small team) while pursuing entrepreneurship is what most people do in order to bring real change into the world. There is no set rule that states we always have to shop at Walmart, Target, or any other e-commerce website forever. The role as an intelligent human is the constant evolution of innovation.


Act in stealth even if all the cards are stacked against you. You will only live in regret if you allow others to rule your life.  







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